West!!! Facing Solar Lounge

TESTIMONIAL by Maria & Stephan...
Darrell Molyneux worked on our renovation project in Turner ACT which refurbished our large lounge room, a 1970s add on which was out of character with the rest of the house, a Canberra red brick heritage listed building.
Darrell carefully selected reclaimed hardwood to re-clad exterior walls. This proved to be a good choice as it improved the look and created coherence between the timber and brick walls. He was responsible for replacing the entire single to double glazing on a number of large windows whilst preserving the cedar and hardwood window frames. The design and fit of cavity cedar wood sliding door and the large steel surrounds to accommodate multi panel external aluminium sliding shutters was particularly notable because retrofitting is always difficult work. But his work was done to a high standard and within the agreed budget. Overall, the project was successful and hassle-free for us. We have no hesitation in recommending his skills as a builder and his pleasant demeanour allowed for easy communication between builder and client.

Year Round Versatility

The 350kg rectangular hollow section frames were fabricated and powdercoated off site.

The design concept was to house the tracks and adjustable louvre system and install the entire assembly independant of the bulding structure.

Maxing the capacity of the 50metre reach of the mobile crane the frames were hoisted into place by lifting them from trucks on the street over the top of the massive established trees and residence roof.

They were then delicately guided and bolted into position onto preinstalled steel stumps.

Unique External Wall Cavity Sliding Door

The client's request for a doorway directly linking this tranquil room to the garden courtyard whilst retaining the integrity of the inside aesthetics initiated an intriguing design challenge for us.

To dissuade access to this lavishly comfortable room from the outside we engineered a stainless steel plate on the external face to replace the door handle and complete the disguise.

The view from inside this gorgeous space is unaffected by our installation of the unique solution cavity sliding door in an external wall.

We designed and manufactured the sliding door to resemble the original windows while providing for occasions when occupants may wish to move directly into the garden through the connected courtyard.

Panoramic Windows

The decision to retain the original window frames was based on maintaining the character of the lounge room space. This involved carefully inspecting the window frames for their structural integrity and durability and removing the single glazed window panels and installing individual double glazed units for thermal insulation.

New Architecture pays homege

The original west facing addition to the architecturally designed residence is sited to take advantage of beautiful views of the gardens.
The room being fabulous during Spring and Autumn was both freezing in the winter and acted as a heat pump during the summer.