Duplex Extension & Substantial Renovation

Darrell Molyneux renovated and extended my home. We had many consultations and he listened to what I wanted and informed me of a lot of worthwhile options.
I ended up with a comfortable beautiful home that flowed for a retired single person with a dog to a full house when the family visited Canberra.
2012 was a very happy year and I participated in the renovation mostly observing, asking questions and learning about the material used in the building. I watched Darrell work extremely hard alongside his contractors, adapting, wrestling, building, renovating my home of twenty-seven years.
For the last five years Darrell and some of his contractors who worked on my home have given me on going advice and help. So based on my experience if you have an old house or building that needs renovating choose Darrell he loves the work unlike most builders who want to build new homes because it is easier

Dining Room

The comfort and pleasure of this home was vastly improved with the addition of a morning sun space dining area.
Duel double glazed skylights with UV block-out blinds draw morning sun light into the dining and kitchen areas also providing gorgeous year round views.

The solid ash timber floor was laid over the new master bedroom concrete slab and continued through the house over the top of the existing pine wood floor. The effect was both a superbly beautiful floor as well as dramatically improved insulative properties and underfoot comfort.

Stabilization and Crack repair

Unique problems require innovative and unique solutions.
The double skin solid brick gable end wall was showing substantial moderate cracking.

Our Certified structural engineering solution closed the cracks and stabilized the structural elements. The work involved excavation to the solid foundation gravel bed a metre below the surface. Pouring concrete piers with embedded steel plates on which to place heavy duty hydraulic jacks.

The jacks were used to raise the gable end of the house along with the original strip footings a millimetre at a time. The affect was as dramatic as it sounds and resulted in closing the cracks and permanently stabilizing the structure.

The voids were then filled with high strength concrete encasing the jacks to act as engineering time capsules!

Multi-Function Garage

We constructed a new brick and colourbond corrugated clad garage on the property boundary with high ceiling for storage, secondary laundry, two solid core external lockable doors and skylighting.

The garage roof extends over the new master bedroom and provides the mounting point for the solar tube hot water service.

The gorgeous solid cedar timber panel lift remote controlled door perfectly matches the new double glazed residence windows in material and finish.

Cedar Double Glazed Awning Window

The upper storey double glazed cedar windows were manufactured using a thermal break composite construction.

The powder coat aluminium on the external surfaces matches the timber colour and provides the best of both worlds. The beautiful timber with clear finish inside the room and cedar coloured metal outside that will never require painting.

Additionally we retrofitted the two storey house eaves with new colourbond miniorb to match the new additions and ensure they will never need maintenance.

Arrival Landing

During the construction phase the owners driveway of old Canberra red bricks was lifted and stacked for reuse in the new side entry porch, driveway and letterbox.
Watershed spoon drainage from the residence through to the street was incorporated into the civil works design of the new driveway apron.
We constructed new circulation paths using locally sourced matching reclaimed bricks that link the rear yard landing through to the street.

The sentinel like letterbox designed and created to meet the owners request to hold a large volume easy to reach stainless mail container provides a lovely sculptural reference point to welcome visitors.

Recycled Blackbutt Timber Joinery