Project Sea-Change...

TESTIMONIAL by Mary & George... When we asked Darrell to help us with a new kitchen he took the time to listen to us, to look at our house and design a kitchen that really suited our needs and added to the look and feel of our home. The quality of the work is fantastic.

About Face!

Designing to face the direction of living space while in the Kitchen is a Sea-Change for this family. Centrally positioned, this kitchen is the hub of the family's interaction.
Our design capability captures decision-tree priorities well in advance of site activities such as demolition and construction. The benefits to our clients include experiencing minimum inconvenience planned well in advance. Aesthetic issues aside, the old kitchen meant facing the wall with back to the household.

Less is often times More!

We designed the island bench with sufficient space around it for several people to simultaneously enjoy interacting.
As is often the case with intelligent design small well considered changes make paradigm shifting differences. The new kitchen has created a more relaxing and enjoyable family space and as such has enhanced the quality of their lives.

Devil is in the Detail....??

Our response is... "if you can't take the heat get out of the Kitchen!!"
Gorgeous outcomes rely on attention to detail.
.."less" in this respect is definitely Not! "more"...
Our clients enjoy the fruits of our OCD approach to getting everything right, from inception to completion. Ultimately everyone appreciates and enjoys the benefits of excellence in quality crafted objects and spaces. The right attitude and uncompromising desire to wrestle with often conflicting elements until resolution is the basis of our work ethic.