Amenities Building Addition

TESTIMONIAL by Deborah...
An Environmental Design is a firm of Designer/Builders who were a perfect fit for my requirements. The level of 'straight talk' was excellent and the process of nutting out issues was made easier as a result of their good communication at all times, as well as sound and skilful design strategies

Enclosing Rock walled breezeway to link new Bathroom

Access to the new addition was achieved by enclosing the existing rustic rock wall to the rear of the Studio with twin wall polycarbonate roofing material and sliding door at the opposite end. The new available space is advantageous and acts as a thermal break for the south wall of the Studio.

View from Inside

Views from the bath to the beautiful private garden are provided by south and east facing double glazed windows.

The maximally insulated double brick walls and roof ceiling void provide for a lovely comfortable amenities space.

Circulation Pathway

We designed and incorporated circulation paths using huge flag stones and river pebbles to link rainwater tanks and new vegetable gardens to the kitchen door.

We also designed and built a storage shed with preparation area using brick piers, used galvanized iron sheets and a custom made roller door.
The aesthetic matches and blends to simultaneously appear old world and contemporary.