Commercial Operation

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Hi Darryl,

As owners of the Queanbeyan Car Wash we would like to thank you for the work you carried out extending our wash from three bays to four.

All work was carried to a very high standard and was completed on time. This was all done in a safe professional manner with the wash still being able to remain open for business during the construction period.

Thanking you once again for time and effort that you applied to our project.

Rapid Fire Construction

We were able to add value to the approved for construction plans by researching, suggesting and ultimately substituting a building product system.

A permanent formwork walling system was utilized to replace a specified core filled concrete block structural wall designed to carry roof and equipment loads.

The light weight easy to assemble modular formwork enabled ease of placement of the steel reinforcement and was easy to fill with high strength concrete. The impressive speed of the assembly and increased structural integrity vastly improved the performance of both the final solution and the Project Program. Although the cost for this building fabric component was above budget we recouped a greater benefit through cost savings on labour, scaffolding and the project reduced time to complete for the owners commercial benefit.

We worked successfully to deliver the project with no interruption to the 24/7 operations of the facility.

A Win-Win scenario for everyone involved!

High Traffic Public Facility

We delivered to the owners the finished structure complete with Certificate of Occupancy (CoO) on time, within the set budget and to potentially a higher quality than the original design.

We found Council Staff personable and helpful making it easy to work within the community to achieve our mutual goals.

Unimpeded Facility Operation during Construction

Public safety and unimpeded 24/7 operations of the facility was paramount in delivering the project in the shortest possible time with zero interruption to the owners and their clients and the general public.