Function follows Form- Landscape Design

TESTIMONIAL by Alan & Marie...


This stunningly beautiful project, much loved by the owners and us at AED makes a truly lasting contribution to the Karma of all who visit the street and this welcoming home.

Structural Beam serves as Sculpture Element

The decorative overhead curved steel beam spanning the residence main entry serves to provide a picturesque welcoming archway. With the posts being a combination of heavy timber and steel the beam connects the carport facade to the deck pergola providing an aesthetically pleasing functional structure.

The beam links the automated garage tilt-door facade constructed from structural steel and solid recycled hardwood to the new decks and gates of the same species.

Locally Quarried Rock

The stunningly beautiful curved rock retaining walls combine natural materials with organic shapes from which to transition level changes and spring garden elements.

The clients hanging garden follows the curve of the large wall affording privacy to the deck from the street as well as providing edging for paving leading to under-deck trailer storage.

Recycled Mahogany

Wire brushed eucalyptus mahogany timber posts cut from recycled telegraph poles function beautifully as a complementary material. They add rich colour and stability providing balance to the landscaping and support for the pergola roof structure.

Contrasting and complementary colours of the landscape elements blend and meld the designed spaces into a natural and harmonious oasis for numerous garden beds.

The organic shapes on the ground and overhead provide reference to the circulation pathways.

Continuing the journey through the carport facade is to enter the realm of a gorgeous sanctuary of gardens and artworks.
The Client's own handmade ceramic sculpture mounted vertically provides a lovely surprise on the pathway while forming part of a screen. Perforated steel plates rusting naturally form the continuation of an attractive privacy element.

Glass Balustrade & Slumped Glass Screen

Glass was selected to provide fall protection balustrade, feature slumped glass panels and overhead pergola roofing.

Falling Water

The stunningly beautiful green granite sculpture elegantly poised above the lily pond sits atop a basalt slab allowing for the calming sounds of a miniature water fall.