About Us

We are a Canberra based design and construction company. Working with us on your design and construction project eliminates the all too common communication gap between your designer the builder and your dream coming to fruition.

We minimize design and building costs throughout the process to bring forth the best practice outcome. We achieve this by combining quality design solutions with efficient building processes.

From inception to completion we are actively engaged in all aspects of our projects.

Our preferred method of project delivery is working directly to our clients and their specific circumstances.

Working within our clients budgets we aim to over-deliver quality and value for money. We start by providing conceptual design solutions with indicative costings and progress through to completion and handover with Certificate of Occupancy and Use (COU).

Our architectural design and construction capability promotes creativity and innovation throughout the project life cycle allowing clients flexibility to make changes to details during the project construction.

Our Philosophy

An Environmental Design (AED) are designers and builders empowered with social responsibility.

We aspire to excellence in every detail of our design and construction work. We exceed our clients expectations of quality of design, construction technology and craftsmanship. At AED we consistently deliver the best possible results to meet the dreams and desires of our clients.

Our goal is perfectly designed and constructed spaces that exceed our clients expectations.

From beginning to end of the the project life-cycle integrity of quality underpin our beautifully designed and crafted structures, spaces and joinery.

At AED we're inspired by an immense sense of satisfaction from seeing the results of our work resonating with our clients complete satisfaction.

Our visionary approach to designed and constructed solutions is grounded by working within time, cost, quality constraints of professional project delivery.

Our modus operandi at AED:

.....The Joy! is in the Detail!...